Understanding what you mean, seeing who you are behind the words …

This is how I make our words make sense so no matter the language you will be understood.

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Want a meaningful message? I can help!

Translation: Getting your message right in French!

Because what you need is not just words instead of others.
I am interested in who you are and why your message is important. What do you mean? Who are you wanting to speak to?  So that your words and mine make sense asking the right questions is primordial.
I want to understand you so that others can.

A booklet that might offer some guidance : Translation getting it right


Language Teaching: Your message, your words!

To get your message through, your need your French to be fluid and you need to be confident. If you need a little practice to make yourself understood in this beautiful language that is French, I can help! So that your words make sense and your message too. Here’s my teacher’s profile, check it out or contact me directly.

For more of my thoughts on translating and teaching, check out my blog!

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Need more info? Got a pressing question? Want to say hello?

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